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In this section we detail the different important aspects of the career, and you can solve most of the questions you may have about it. We also recommend you read the regulations carefully for more information and the FAQ section.

The organization of the Templar Territory makes a provision for participants who make the Weekend Modality and Open an overnight, a camping package with accommodation at the headquarters of Culla and Alcala de Xivert.

This package includes overnight stays in individual tents with a 0.5 m. inflatable mattress, sheets, lantern, padlock, secretariat 24/7 in the area set up as a camp by the organization, plus half-board consisting of dinner and breakfast , for each of the stages (depending on the distance chosen). It will be the responsibility of the participant to carry out everything necessary to sleep (sleeping bag, pillows, warm clothes for sleeping, if deemed necessary, etc.). In this way we deliver a closed jute bag with the accreditation delivered by the 100X60 organization with the belongings you need for the two days (or one day where appropriate) at the beginning of each stage, which we deliver to you at the end of each stage . At the end of each stage, there is a post-goal provisioning in addition to toilets and showers to clean you up.

If you do not want to use this package either because you prefer to look for other accommodation, check the booking engine.

Backpack Templar 1 Goal 100x60: at the beginning of each stage you can give us the backpack with your belongings with what you will need at the end of each stage. The organization will transfer these closed and identified duffel bags to the goal of each of the stages where we will deliver it again. Each runner has the limit of 100x60 and will be limited to 20 kg. per participant. In case you have chosen the accommodation in a tent that we offer optionally next to the inscription, at the end of the stage you can take a shower, clean up and change in the facilities of the community accommodation (pavilions). The next day, you give us the Templar backpack again, which we will take to the next headquarters. Likewise, this cloakroom service will be available for participants who have chosen the registration option without a camp pack, and in either of the two distances: Weekend and Open.

Backpack Templar 2 Life Base 60x42 - Weekend Modality Only: in the afternoon after the collection of the accreditation you can give us the backpack 2 life base in the area indicated on the map with your belongings and what you will need in the AVT4- Les Coves de Vinroma. The organization will transfer these closed and identified dumpsters to the refreshment point where you can use them and later to the finish line (camp), where you can pick it up. It is not guaranteed to have it on arrival at the goal of the participants.

In case you prefer to find where to sleep on your own, either because you go to the race with companions; because you prefer another type of accommodation; Or because you live near the venues of the stages or sleep with a family member or friend, you have the option of registering only without the camp pack.

In this case, you have a wide range of hotels, rural houses, lodges, etc. scattered throughout the geography of the route, and you can design where to sleep and eat to your liking. You will also have the post-goal provisioning, shower service, massage, etc., and we will also give you the possibility to purchase tickets for dinner with the rest of the athletes, if you prefer to eat with the rest of the participants despite sleeping elsewhere.

Optionally to the registration you can hire the transfer service back by bus, see section Gold Service Transfer. It is important to note that the bus transfer is only at the end of the test on Sunday, November 3 in Peñsicola, where the transport will return the participant to the starting point they select in the registration.

There is no possibility of bus transportation in the 1 stage, it is the athlete's responsibility to reach the starting point of each stage, and return from the arrival point of each stage. Participants who choose the organization's camp will have the accommodation point next to the departure / arrival points of each stage.

The two stages of TEMPLARY TERRITORY will be partially marked with test beacon tape and stakes, however, given the adventure format and that these beacons can be "removed" or modified by non-organization personnel, as well as confused with other beacons, it is the athlete's obligation to carry a device that allows you to follow the route through the Tracks provided by the organization (watch, GPS, mobile App, etc.)

85% of the route runs through approved trails that use the painted marks of different colors, so we also recommend reviewing and studying the routine that will be made available to runners weeks before the test.

To review all the complete schedules, go to the Agenda page of the web. Each stage of each modality has an expected departure time, and they all have a cut-off time, that is, there are different times to perform each of the stages in each modality.

With the approximate arrival of the first classified, the shower, cloakroom, storage room and camp areas will open. At the end of the stage, the cloakroom and shower schedule will be extended until 18:30.

For those with camp pack, dinners will be served from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and breakfast from 6:00 a.m. The camp area will close at 23:30

TEMPLARY TERRITORY is an event in semi-self-sufficiency format, that is to say, the participant must carry “above” the material detailed in the item “Mandatory material”. The rest of “luggage” (sleeping bag, change clothes, toiletries, personal items, etc.) will be delivered to the organization at the exit of each stage in the cloakroom area, and returned to the participant at the end of it, This procedure will be carried out by both participants who use the organization's camp pack, as well as those who want it from those who stay on their own, and each day the process will be the same.

Semi-self-sufficiency also implies that the supplies are “support” points, but that if you need to consume a certain meal during the race, you should take it with you from the start. Finally, semi-self-sufficiency also implies being partially self-sufficient in terms of route guidance, that is, the organization will have beacons to mark the route, but in case these are adulterated or eliminated by external agents, the participant must be capable of guiding itself, either through the GPS track, app or routine.

In collecting the accreditations of the biker / runner fair, it will be done in control of the mandatory material, each participant will be asked randomly one or more of the mandatory materials, the athlete must teach the organization's personnel such material and When supervised, the person in charge will approve and grant an identification label that must be placed on the corresponding backpack or bike of each participant as the control of the same is in accordance.


1 It is essential to have a spare battery for the GPS, USB battery charger or similar to ensure GPS operation for 8-10 hours. (only necessary for participants of the weekend mode). In case of participation by couples as a general rule, all participants of the couple must also carry GPS and this is strongly recommended by the Organization.

2 Front light and rear light for nighttime hours (only necessary for participants in weekend mode)

3 Solid and liquid supply supplies.

4 Mobile phone with a freshly charged battery and with the registration in the official app, the Organization will provide some telephone numbers for emergency notification.

5 Revised bicycle and basic tool kit, as well as elements for changing or repairing tires and cameras.

6 Sunglasses, sun cream, thermal long-sleeved shirt or sleeves.


1 Mobile phone: With the battery fully charged and turned on during the entire test with the registration.

2 Vessel or container for liquid supplies (for reasons of eco-responsibility in the supplies, vessels for liquid replacement will not be provided)

3 Thermal blanket: Minimum surface (1.4 x 2 m)

4 Sufficient waterproof and thermal technical clothing to cope with the adverse weather conditions that may occur during the race, and in case of severe conditions, clothing and thermal material so as not to leave the skin visible outside.

5 1 liter of water at the exit of each stage, either in a backpack with hydration bag or in drums.

6 Route map with the route and stage profile (material that the organization will make available to participants)

This MANDATORY MATERIAL SAFETY, must be carried by the runner at all times, from the Exit to the Goal of each stage, not being able to part with it during the course of the race for any reason.