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The TERRITORIO TEMPLARIO Run & Bike Experience sporting event, offers you a 3-day experience where you will enjoy the mountain to the fullest with dreamy tours. It is a multidisciplinary test by stages of ultradistance by mountain of BBT and trail running that combines the adventure, the coexistence, the effort and the personal improvement by the incredible places and templar castles of the province of Castellón that will be celebrated on days 1, 2 and November 3, 2019

The test is organized by C.D. Team Evasion Running jointly with the companies Patagonia Sports and Runday.

The TERRITORIO TEMPLARIO Run & Bike Experience is an event with 3 sports disciplines, being able to also choose to compete in the modality Weekend 2 days or Open only 1 day.



2 stages

171 km

3100 D +

8 Municipalities

7 Templar Castles



2 stages

87 km

2775 D +

7 Municipalities

5 Templar Castles



2 stages

132 km

2800 D +

7 Municipalities

6 Templar Castles



1 stage (Sunday)

67 km

1400 D +

6 Municipalities

5 Templar Castles



1 stage (Sunday)

28 km

1100 D +

4 Municipalities

3 Templar Castles



Both in the Weekend and Open formats, you can choose the E-BIKE electric bicycle mode; Such election must be chosen when formalizing the registration. This option has the following connotations added:


The bikers who compete in the stages in E-Bike enter a special category in which the first 3 absolute will be awarded without distinction of age in each of the stages.

In the feeding station of Les Coves de Vinromà, there will be a STOP & GO of 1 hour, mandatory for all participants in order to recharge the battery of the bicycle to ensure that it reaches the finish line with sufficient load. However, it is recommended that each participant manages the battery.

The route is divided into 2 stages that will cover the distance from the Templar Castle of Culla as the initial site to the Castle of Peñíscola that will put the closure between its walls, with the end of the first stage and departure of the 2nd day the Templar locality of Alcalà of Xivert-Alcossebre with the Templar camp, besides going through the towns, castles and templar paths of Albocacer, La Salzadella, Santa Magdalena de Pulpis, Coves de Vinromà and towns such as Vilar de Canes and La Serratella.


Stage 1 - Saturday November 2, 2019: Culla> Alcalà de Xivert.

The stage will have a distance of 104 km with a difference of + 1700 meters and will pass through the towns of Albocacer, Tirig and Les Coves de Vinromà with a goal in Alcalà de Xivert.

Stage 2 - Sunday 3 November 2019: Alcalà de Xivert> Peñiscola.

The stage will have a distance of 67 km with a difference of + 1400 meters and will pass through the towns of La Salzadella and Santa Magdalena de Pulpis with a goal in Peñiscola.


Stage 1 - Saturday November 2, 2019: Culla> Alcalà de Xivert.

The stage will have a distance of 59 km with a difference of + 1675 meters and will pass through the towns of Vilar de Canes, La Sarratella and Les Coves de Vinromà with a goal in Alcalà de Xivert

Stage 2 - Sunday 3 November 2019: Alcalà de Xivert> Peñiscola.

The stage will have a distance of 28 km with a difference of + 1100 meters and will pass through the towns of Santa Magdalena de Pulpis with a goal in Peñiscola.


Stage 1 BTT - Saturday November 2, 2019: Culla> Alcalà de Xivert.

The stage will have a distance of 104 km with a difference of + 1700 meters and will pass through the towns of Albocacer, Tirig, Les Coves de Vinromà with a goal in Alcalà de Xivert.

Stage 2 TRAIL RUNNING - Sunday 3 November 2019: Alcalà de Xivert> Peñiscola.

The stage will have a distance of 28 km with a difference of + 1100 meters and will pass through the towns of Santa Magdalena de Pulpis with a goal in Peñiscola.

All the information regarding the routes and tracks can be seen in the section of the official website of the event.

The Organization will make public the final tracks a few days before the test. Likewise, the detailed information and schedules of each stage will be published in www.territoriotemplario.es. Participants must download the tracks from the web and install them on their GPS devices.

For safety reasons in BTT, the exit of any stage can be neutralized. The race director will lead the start with an official race vehicle. When the official vehicle has reached the end of the neutralized section, it will stop to the side to indicate the end of the neutralization. During the neutralized start it is forbidden to overtake the race director's vehicle.

This route will be duly marked with marks, especially in the conflictive points, such as crossings or streets. The route will be open to traffic but properly controlled. Participants should follow the directions of the traffic authorities and volunteers of the Organization and circulate with caution. On open roads cyclists must drive on the right.

The route includes demanding climbs and sections with technical descents. It is the responsibility of the participant to decide which section is cyclable for its level. The organization is not responsible for accidents related to the skill of each participant or their fitness level.

During the tour, step controls (CP) will be established. Omitting a pass control supposes the disqualification.

Leaving the route marked by the organization supposes the disqualification.

All participants must remain within the natural limits of the roads, without making cuts or taking shortcuts.

The TERRITORIO TEMPLARIO Run & Bike Experience can be carried out in two different ways in the discipline of Bike BTT and Trail Runnning:


INDIVIDUAL: The usual mode where the runner / biker performs the test individually.


COUPLES: Modality in which the test is done in pairs, jointly, that is, both participants must complete all the stages of the distance to which they are enrolled, and the time that will be computed will be the last of two members of the couple who enters the goal. Couples may be formed by two members of the same sex, or mixed, and may be of the same or different category (see section "Categories").

All riders of the Run & Bike Experience TEMPLAR TERRITORY, without exception, must make sure to bring the following mandatory material that will be verified before departure to perform the test



1 It is essential to have a spare battery for the GPS, USB battery charger or similar to ensure GPS operation for 8-10 hours. (only necessary for weekend participants). In case of participation by pairs, as a general rule, all participants of the couple must also have GPS and this is strongly recommended by the Organization.

2 Front light and tail light for night hours (only necessary for weekend participants)

3 Solid supply and reserve liquid.

4 Mobile phone with freshly charged battery and with the registration in the official app, the Organization will provide telephone numbers for warning in case of emergency.

5 Revised bicycle and basic tool kit, as well as elements for the change or repair of tires and cameras.

6 Sunglasses, sunscreen, thermal long-sleeved shirt or sleeves.



1 Mobile phone: With the battery fully charged and turned on during the entire test with the registration.

2 Glass or container for liquid provisioning (for reasons of eco-responsibility in the supplies, no glasses will be provided for the replacement of liquids)

3 Thermal blanket: Minimum surface area (1.4 x 2 m)

4 Waterproof and thermal technical clothing sufficient to cope with the adverse weather conditions that may occur during the race, and in case of severe conditions, clothing and thermal material so as not to leave the skin visible on the outside.

5 1 liter of water at the exit of each stage, either in a backpack with a hydration bag or in drums.

6 Map of the route with the route and profile of the stage (material that the organization will make available to the participants)


This MANDATORY MANDATORY SECURITY, must be taken by the runner at all times, from the start to the finish of each stage, not being able to detach from it during the course of the race for any reason.

The EXPERIENCE test in all its modalities, both in the WEEKEND format (2 days) and OPEN (1 day), will contemplate the following categories, taking into account that the age to assign the category of the participant is the age that has the December 31 of 2019:

- ABSOLUTE, all participating men and women

- ÉLITE, men and women from 18 to 39 years old

- MASTER, men and women from 40 and up

- E-BIKE, only for discipline Bike and Bike & Run, men and women without distinction of age

- COUPLES *, formed by men, women or mixed over 18 years

* In each stage, each pair will obtain a time that will be marked by the time made by the entry to the goal of the last member of the team. The final result of the test for each pair will be the result of the sum of times achieved in each stage, being the team with the lowest total time first. All the members of the couple must play the stage together and enter all in goal with a difference that can not exceed 1 minute between the members. The couple that does not enter in goal will receive the penalty time as a team (10 hours).

The participants of the distances EXPERIENCE will have trophies. All trophies will be delivered at Peñíscola's goal and there will also be trophies at the end of Intermediate Stage 1 at the Alcalà de Xivert goal, but only the first and first absolute will be delivered the leader's jersey or shirt to use in stage 2.

The results of the EXPERIENCE test will be determined by the sum of the times of each stage. The final result of the test will be the result of the sum of the times achieved in each stage, the first classified being the cyclist / runner with the lowest total time. The partial results by stage, will be published both physically at the headquarters of Alcalà de Xivert, and on the event's website, awarding the leader jersey or shirt to be used in the next stage to the first and first absolute. Said garment will have spaces to be able to locate the private sponsors of the runners / cyclists.

Note: In all the modalities these categories will only be formed in case of taking the exit at least three people.

Registration can only be processed through the organizer's website www.territoriotemplario.es, where you must register. In order for the registration to be valid, it is obligatory to fill in all the required fields in the form and pay the registration fees.

The registration period will begin in February on the platform available on the web www.territoriotemplario.es, and will end on October 3, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. or until the offered numbers are sold out.

The maximum quota is set at 250 places for the WEEKEND modality (2 stages) and 300 places for the OPEN modality (1 stage).

In all tariffs there will be price escalations, which will rise when reaching a certain number of registered, detailed on the website.

Participants must be in possession of a cycling or trail competition license, issued by a national or autonomous federation. The licenses of other sports are not accepted for this race.

For those who do not have an annual license for cycling or competition trail, the organization offers an optional accident insurance valid only for the competition. This temporary option involves an additional cost of € 5 per day for bikers and € 3 for runners, allowing you to compete in the corresponding category, with the same rights as any other participant. The insurance can be processed at registration and will be paid at that time.





* These price segments are limited by date:

1st until 2/28/19

2nd to 7/31/19

3rd to 2/10/19

Registration in COUPLES mode is done only by one of the participants who enrolls the 2 team members and pays the total registration of the couple (double price than the individual)

The price of registration includes:

Right of participation in the stages (according to modality)

Dorsal bike-runner and back sheet personalized for marking of materials and identification.

Identification bracelet for entry in the areas of concerts, refreshments, massages, camps, caterings, etc ...

Timing and results of each stage.

Live follow-up of the race through the official App.

Liability insurance.

Adhesives of the profiles of the stages.

Mechanical assistance in free route (only labor) for Bike formats by Clicles AB.

Wide safety device for bikers-runners.

Final provisioning in Meta in thematic Templar area.

Functional recovery and massage service at the finish line at Alcalà de Xivert and Peñíscola.

Pick-up service for retired en route.

Bicycle washing area in meta.

Bicycle parking covered and guarded for storage of bikes at night in Culla and Alcalà de Xivert.

Shower and toilet service after each stage.

Corridor guide (general information) with road map (map and level) of each stage.

Track GPS of the route.

Assistance during the race with large static and mobile sanitary device.

Liquid and solid refreshments during the stages and at the end.

Official Scale jersey GOBIK Bike Experience.

MC Essential official GOBIK Run Experience t-shirt.

Official jersey and technical shirt GOBIK Run & Bike Experience.

Finisher medal.

Various gifts from sponsors in the broker's purse.

Access to the recreational area in the afternoons (concerts, thematic exhibitions, talks, demos, ...)

Technical briefing of each stage.

Dossier of the companion to be informed of all the information of the event.

Optionally in the registration you can hire different optional services that you can hire.

7.1 Check-in

The Check-in and the reception of the accreditations will take place in Culla on Friday 1 of for the Weekend modality. For the participants of the Open test it will be Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November. The final schedules will be published prior to the event.

During the check-in, an identification bracelet will be given to all the participants, who must wear it at that moment and wear it during all the competition days. This bracelet allows access to areas reserved for participants and ensures compliance with security measures.

7.2 Technical Briefing

Each day in the afternoon there will be a technical briefing explaining the route and important safety points of the next day's stage. It is highly recommended for all participants in general to attend such a meeting.

All the changes will be announced in the information bulletin board of the race, and it will be the responsibility of the participants to keep informed. The official website and the Facebook profile of the race will also have an informative sign to keep abreast of all the latest news.

For those who wish, the organization offers a camping pack that includes the community overnight in the templar camps or buildings of the organization, as well as half board consisting of dinner and breakfast, for each of the stages. The organization will provide tents / mattresses and it will be the responsibility of the participant to take the sleeping bag and warm clothes to sleep. All detailed information is available on the event's official website.

he Run & Bike Experience TERRITORIO TEMPLARIO has a companion program for all those who want to experience the experience from another point of view.

All the companions will be able to live from within the special atmosphere that is created during the days of the Run & Bike Experience and the spectacular landscapes where the race takes place.

The escort program includes accommodation and half board in the camp.

All the detailed information can be found on the event's official website.

The cancellation insurance covers the TOTAL refund of the registration fee and can be canceled even until the same day of the event.

The purpose of this insurance is to guarantee the reimbursement of registration fees in case of accident, injury, sick leave or serious illness that prevents the practice of sports for the proper development of the race.

The cancellation insurance allows the right to refund 100% of the registration fee if you are not going to participate for any of the causes included in the policy. The return insurance can only be contracted at the time of registration. The deadline to use the insurance and therefore the return of 100% of the registration is the same date of the event.

No registration will be reimbursed if the cancellation insurance has not been subscribed, nor will there be any partial or total refunds, no or justified cause, nor for injury, accident or any other circumstance, nor will the possibility of change of ownership or change be authorized. the 2020 edition. In the case of non-participation in the race, the garments and objects that are delivered inside the runner's bag will not be delivered to the registered runner.

Once the registration with this insurance has been made and paid, any broker may request a refund at any time by contacting info@territoriotemplario.es

In case of return, it will be understood as the date of entry the moment in which the Organization receives the mail to info@territoriotemplario.es requesting the return. In all returns a fee of € 5 will be applied for management expenses.

The price of this cancellation insurance is:

Weekend mode, € 10

Open mode, € 4

Without insurance, refunds will not be accepted outside the legal term of 7 days. This insurance only applies to contracted services (not including extra merchandising)

11.1 Stock Exchange

Alongside the number will be delivered the brokers' bag (2 in the case of the WEEKEND modality and 1 for the OPEN modality) that can be delivered to the organization, duly closed and clearly identified with the identification provided. The bag will be transported to the 2 respective goals, Alcalà de Xivert and Peñiscola.

At the beginning of each stage you can give us the bag that we will give you in the accreditations with your belongings, with what you will need at the end of each of the stages. The organization will transfer these bags to the goal of each of the stages where we will deliver it again.

There will be a cloakroom and showers service that will be available for all participants, so at the end of the stage you will be able to shower, clean and change in the available facilities.

Obligatory in the transport bag:

Sleeping bag (for those participants of the Weekend and Open Experience distances who have chosen the accommodation pack, as well as the warm clothes to spend the night they deem appropriate according to the weather conditions.

The organization recommends that you include in your transport bag:


First aid kit

Kit for bathroom / toilet.

In addition, in WEEKEND mode, a second bag will be transported to Les Coves de Vinromà for the use of the runner in the race. As far as possible, this second bag will be moved to the finish line for the arrival of the runner, but this circumstance can not be guaranteed.

No claims will be accepted for the loss or breakage of the content of the bags, since not being checked by the organization upon delivery of the same, there is no confirmation of such content. It is recommended not to introduce valuables. Said bags, closed and without anything protruding, will be delivered to the organization's staff in the tent of the camp, before the departure of each stage.

11.2 Transfer

In the registration process you have the option of hiring the transfer service that offers you the possibility of taking you to the exit to pick up your vehicle along with your personal belongings and the bike for BIKE modalities.

SERVICE TRANSFER BUS PEÑISCOLA - CULLA, Price € 10, at the end of the Run & Bike Experience go to the transfer area with your personal belongings to be transported to Culla.

TRAIN SERVICE BIKE PEÑISCOLA - CULLA, Price € 5, at the end of the Run & Bike Experience, do not worry about your bike. Give it to the official transfer service at Peñíscola's destination, they will take care of you and will take you to Culla in perfect condition so that you can pick it up as soon as you arrive. For Bike & Run, the bike will be charged directly by the organization at the Alcalà de Xivert goal to be transported to Culla.

SERVICE TRANSFER BUS PEÑISCOLA - ALCALÀ DE XIVERT, Price € 2, at the end of the Run & Bike Experience go to the transfer area with your personal belongings to be transported to Alcalà de Xivert.

TRAIN SERVICE BIKE PEÑISCOLA - ALCALÀ DE XIVERT, Price 3 €, at the end of the Run & Bike Experience, do not worry about your bike. Deliver it to the official transfer service at Peñíscola's destination, they will take care of you and will take you to Alcalà de Xivert in perfect condition so that you can pick it up when you arrive.

During each stage there will be solid and liquid refreshments, and these supplies allow to replace those necessary supplies to continue, but you must start the test with a part of your own liquid and solid supply, to ensure you can finish the test safely. In addition to different points of mechanical assistance.

At the end of each stage, there will be a solid and liquid post-game refreshment that can be accessed by both the participants who select the camp pack of the organization and those who do not.

It is a race in semi-auto-science format, that is, the participant has to carry "over" the material detailed in article 5.

The race will be partially marked but it is advisable to follow it with a GPS device, either wrist, hand, mobile, etc ... It is highly recommended to study previously, either "in situ" if you can, or virtually the route of the test, to predict critical points in regard to effort, need for supplies, height and climate.

Note: The refreshment and mechanical assistance points will be detailed later.

It is strictly forbidden to join the test without being previously registered. The Organization in no case will be responsible for the people who make the march without registration.

It is allowed the exchange of material in the course of the test between the different participants in the race. As well as assistance and assistance to another participant, the omission of which may be penalized.

External assistance of material or technique is allowed during the development of a stage at the refreshment points and up to 100 meters before or after it.

All the runners will be respectful at all times with the environment, especially with the use of the roads, rivers and environments through which the route circulates. It is strictly forbidden to throw any type of waste or garbage out of the places authorized for it. Failure to comply with this point will lead to immediate disqualification of the participant.

Each participant must abide by the rules and indications of the Organization, especially in the development and control of the test (controls, departure, arrival, delivery of prizes, etc ...)

The Organization may neutralize the race if it considers it necessary at any time and cancel or modify any part of the course or full stage if, in consensus with the competent Authorities, the development of the event is considered, either due to inclement weather or some other event. extraordinary leads to a danger against the physical integrity of the participants.

The Organization can not give the exit in case of a situation of pre-emergency against fires (according to current regulations in the Valencian Community). In that case, that stage would be suspended without the possibility of any claim against the organizer, since it is a subject unrelated to their competences.

Any runner who abandons the test must inform the Organization as soon as possible.

The Organization will have services of links, ambulances, showers, mechanical and sanitary assistance.

The Organization may oblige any runner who is not in the proper physical conditions or does not meet the maximum deadlines set at the different checkpoints to withdraw from the race or take an alternative fast route by road.

The Organization may disqualify or punish those who do not respect the rules of the road, do not have the number, do not carry the regulatory material, do not behave in a correct, ethical and moral manner and do not obey the instructions of the security agents, personnel of the Organization or civil protection. Also those who avoid the steps of control through shortcuts in the route or do not use the equipment and facilities enabled for the test correctly.

The participant must know that a test like the Bike & Run Experience takes the body to very intense and prolonged limits. The Organization understands that the registration by the participant means that the participant has adequate physical and mental conditions to perform the effort involved in the test and that the necessary medical check-ups have been carried out.

The participant is solely responsible for their own behavior and conduct, assuming the risks, even in front of third parties, that may entail the fact of participating in this event, both at the level of physical, mental, as falls or other injuries, for what expressly releases the CD Team Evasion Running, the commercial Runday SL and / or any sponsor or collaborator, before any type of accident, incident, injury or eventuality that may arise derived from participation in the test. In the event of an accident, riders and their companions individually commit themselves to their responsibility from all points of view (economic, civil and criminal). The Organization will not be jointly and severally liable for the expenses or debts that the participants may incur before, during or after the race, or for any loss or damage that may be suffered by the bicycles or other equipment of the participants during the race or its transportation.

The registration implies accepting the transfer of all the individual image rights to the Organizer so that he can make free use of photographs and videos captured during the test in order to communicate or promote it in whatever way the Organizer considers appropriate.

The Organization reserves the right to resolve exceptional situations that may arise from the interpretation and application of this regulation.

The Organization has a liability insurance policy and accident insurance according to current legislation.

The mere fact of registering for this event implies acceptance of these regulations. The ignorance of it, does not exempt the participant from its fulfillment.

In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law of 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Personal Data ("LOPD") and Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the company of information and electronic commerce, CD Tema Evasion Running inform you, and you consent that:

All personal data provided by you through the forms of data collection on the website www.territoriotemplario.es, are incorporated into an automated personal file that is responsible CD Team Evasion Running and is duly registered to the Data Protection Registry. The purpose of creating this file, which is treated confidentially is:

Manage your participation in the Bike Run Experience

Manage the information from the test, especially the results, photographs and videos.

Perform the statistical control of the participants in order to provide feedback to the organization and apply the relevant changes for its improvement.

Promote or publicize the activities, services and articles offered by Runday SL, as well as those of the sponsors of the Run & Bike Experience.

With your consent to the registration process and the corresponding form, you expressly authorize the transfer of your personal data requested with the above-mentioned purposes in favor of any of the aforementioned entities, both the CD Team Evasion Running, and the sponsors of the event as well as that your data may be used to send commercial or advertising communications by ordinary mail, electronic mail, sms or any other means, or so that you can call it for the purposes described above. These authorizations are revocable at any time without retroactive effects. In any case, you can revoke at any time the consent given and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, addressing to this effect at the address of CD Team Evasion Running, Pol. La Madalena, ship 10, 12004 Castellón, attaching a photocopy of the DNI.